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The Google of Options Search – Why We Made the Free Brutus Options Ranker

Last Updated: October 12, 2020


The Google of Options Search – Why We Made the Free Brutus Options Ranker

We live in a fantastical age with mind-bending technology, literally at our very fingertips. With the simple swipe of a finger over a glass screen, we can move around the world. Yet with all this magnificent power at our disposal, there are some major idiosyncrasies we are each guilty of every day.

For example, how many of us still wait until just the right moment to ‘snap’ a photograph? Surely, we know that the smart-device can hold up to six point nine million photos and is able to take over hundred different shots in the time it takes for most us to aim and shoot just one, yet our collective past seems to have a firm grasp on our forward thinking on many different levels.

When we look at the most ubiquitous of modern tools, the search engine, it is only in the last decade that this technology has become so pervasive, yet already it has profoundly changed all of our lives in one way or another. Certainly now, everyone knows the answer to everything as you can easily just Google it.


Google certainly has an edge in serving up rich and relevant content on a global scale, sort of like the digital telescope of the internet, yet when the desired data lays buried deep in pools of amalgamated information from multiple sources, you will want the aid of a powerful search assistant.


You can see the prime movers in this space in the travel industry, offering much more useful ways of searching for future flights. For example, Kayak’s popular travel portal has a buzz feature, which in addition to standard search parameters such as date/destination/time, provide even more useful delineators such as temperature/activity month/airports, etc.

What makes this service extraordinarily useful is that it acts on your behalf scouring all the available flight data twenty-four seven with you behind the computer screen until it finds the matches that fit your exact criteria. This level of detail definitely satisfies the shopper in all of us, accomplishing our uttermost desire, which is to get the best deal for what we truly want.

Marvelous, we can all now program our own web bots using the latest in Boolean string search theory and find the absolute best most relevant deal in travel. That is great and all, but what might be a little more magnificent is a search technology that lets us drastically reduce the time and energy it takes parceling through options on most trading platforms.

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Inside The Options Screener
Working with Brutus

This is where Brutus comes into the picture. Designed to be a superior search tool for serious traders, Brutus scours the options trading exchanges, looking at each and every available option contract, millions of spreads, not least the entire spectrum of the Greeks and mathematics of each trade.

The Google Of Options Search - Why We Made The Free Brutus Options Ranker &Ndash; Optionautomator
With the Brutus Options Ranker

As the moniker says, OptionAutomator aims to simplify trading using advanced search technology and decision making algorithms to force-rank your best trades to the ultimate relevance without the trader performing any manual searches, filtering through results, complex math or laboring through options chains. Maybe it is over the top a little giving him such a strong name, but Brutus may just prove to be your go to guide to optimizing your win column.

Imagine creating your own personal options scouting machine working towards your greatest financial rewards at all hours of the day and night. It is like having a pitching machine designed to deliver the ball right where your bat is swinging.

This is really an amazing leap of thinking, and with some adaptation could become a revolutionary leap in trading technology. Just think of the permutations being able to train Brutus how to spot successful trades based on your level of comfort as defined by the parameters chosen. This same technology is used in early applications of artificial intelligence, so Brutus does truly learn your trading style and strategy.

Over time through adaptive changes, Brutus will learn how and where you are willing to place your capital and only return the very best trade results. Ramping up your score and winning is easier with the increase in accuracy, consistency, and relevancy presented by Brutus.

At OptionAutomator we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between two unassociated markets. On the one hand, everyone is using the net to search for anything and everything to tickle our fancy. On the other, options traders use very basic antiquated options screeners leading to endless options chains that they must sift through, leaving them on their own with the daunting task of actually finding their relevant trades. Merging the simplicity of modern search with the profits inside options seems like a simple solution to a big reward, which is the kind of solution everyone could use.

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Brutus is the master of his domain, able to parcel unfathomable amounts of data to deliver only your most meaningful morsels. Delivering the best results lets you focus on primary concerns such as trade management, which is the ultimate arbiter of life and death on the trader food chain.

With a brawny brain like Brutus, you will be miles ahead of even seasoned old-world options traders. Like comparing a Google search against the yellow pages, it is not even a real competition. Brutus is in a league all his own, and intends to define a new arena in trade.

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