The Company

About OptionAutomator

We're on a mission to bridge the technology gap between Main Street and Wall Street.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to bridge the technology gap between Main Street Retail Investors and Wall Street Professionals by automating the most time-consuming aspects of options trading with cutting-edge analytical tools that incorporate decision-making sciences and artificial intelligence to unlock relevancy, consistency, and speed.

Our Values

Values are the guiding light that influences all that we do.  We hold these values when developing amazing Options Trading Technology to interacting with the community.
Value #1

Empower the Retail Options Trader

The retail trader is often a term thrown around for "the rest of us"  participating in the markets.

We understand that all traders are unique and will bring different experience, capacity and budgets. That's why we offer access to our tools for free, with optional premium features as your trading grows.

Compare this with other solutions that price out the common trader.  For example, an independent trader subscription to all the data we offer (without the layers of artificial intelligence) would cost more than $500/mo.   It's time for the retail trader to be offered real, cost effective solutions to reliably find and evaluate opportunities.
Value #2

Honest Marketing

Derivatives have earned a bad reputation over the years. Furthermore the relentless binary options scam masquerades around a real options trading.

Likely you've been inundated with “No-Lose”, “400% Overnight Gains” marketing. We promise that you will never see this from us. In fact, those who believe such claims should reconsider joining our community.

We don't "sell a strategy or system" and do our best to warn you of risks and considerations when starting with one of our templates.

If you're willing to put in some effort to educate yourself and stay disciplined and small in your investments, then welcome - we'll accomplish great things together.
Value #3

Curate Great Education

We are not an options trading education company - Instead we focus relentlessly on producing the best technology possible to enhance your options trading.

However, this does not absolve us of the responsibility to curate the best possible options trading education for our community.

To the point above, the market is full of snake oil salesmen and blatant scams. We vet our partners against our core trading pillars before they are listed, or their content is integrated in our trade discovery software.
Last, but certainly not least

Our Remaining Values

Customer Support
Our Beta Community is extremely important to us.  Any problems, shoot any of us an email and we'll get on it!
While the software has no access to your trading account - we still keep security as a very high priority and have experts in the area.
Listen To The Community
We're impressed with the creativity and use of the Brutus Options Ranker by our members and we're open to new ideas to prioritize development.
Respect Various Trading Stytles
While we focus on primarily premium selling in our own strategies, we realize this is not the only way to make money with options.  Our goal is for the software to be flexible to all trading styles.
Own Our Mistakes
Yep.  They happen but we don't try to hide them.  Throughout the beta program we've been open to feedback and transparent when things go wrong.
Equal Access Across the Globe
Our technology works with U.S. Options Trading Markets but we've helped traders across the globe.  Many countries can participate in U.S. Markets.

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The link below will bring you to the software without registration.  Later, you can secure your free account and save your strategy for daily ranking.
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