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We’re the Faces Behind OptionAutomator, a Team of Technology and Trading Pros.
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Our Team

We’re a diverse group of Data & Machine Learning Scientists, Advisor PhD in Mathematics, Hedge-Fund Options Traders, User Experience Specialists, Big Data Programmers, Front-End Developers, Back-end Developers, and a team of Marketers committed to our values.

Our current and former team members resumes boast experience at JP Morgan, Microsoft, Shell and other Fortune 100 companies. So we’re pretty obsessed with delivery at the highest levels of business.
Meet Our Co-Founders

Our Leadership


Co-Founder & CEO
Drew has been trading since he was a young child  and has over 15 years of options trading experience and nearly 30 years of stock trading experience. He mostly focuses on selling options premium and selective directional plays.

Drew is the full-time CEO of OptionAutomator but prior his career focused on Energy and Technology and has lead teams to deliver development concepts in numerous countries, including technology mapping, and strategies for multi-billion-dollar energy investments through the use of multi-criteria decision making tools and the decision quality frameworks.

Drew is passionate about derivatives trading and the deficiencies in both investment advice and retail trader technology.


Co-Founder & CTO
Andrew de Jonge studied Mathematics, Programming and Software Development, and focused his career on Big Data Real-time Analytics across the energy industries.

He has designed and deployed multitudes of solutions across the world and is a systems security specialist and brings this security and infrastructure mindset to OptionAutomator.

OptionAutomator provides Andrew the perfect vehicle to test the bounds of what is possible within his field.

Andrew, as Chief Technology Officer, designs the infrastructure and leads the development teams to apply big data, machine learning, and multi-criteria decision making to the world of options trading.

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