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How do the pricing and plans work?
Last Updated: October 7, 2020


How do the pricing and plans work?

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If the Brutus Options Ranker is Free, What’s With the Pricing?

We offer lifetime Freemium accounts with The Brutus Options Ranker during beta.  However, we also provide different membership levels that will meet the needs of more active traders. Or those desiring additional premium features.

OK, Then Help Me Understand the Pricing Levels.

The different individual plans that we offer for retail traders places the right level of capability. It is based on the number of strategies and the frequency of trades you desire.

The ‘freemium’ plan is available for a limited time to everyone who wants to test the power of Brutus .

The freemium plan is free of charge.  Yet, we reserve the right to change or end this option in the future. So, if you look at pricing levels, it’s always good to ensure to sign up for a premium account to lock in this benefit.

The Freemium plan gives you access to automate one (1) Brutus Options Ranker StrategyAdditionally, you can add or purchase automated options strategies for $5/each.

What About Premium Plans?

For traders looking for more options strategies, there is the Brutus Premium plan. These options rank daily with Brutus’s Multi Criteria Decision Making mathematics model.

Brutus Premium is available for a limited time discount of $27/month. You can have up to 30 live options strategies, more spread types and market groups, and other advanced features.  

Prices will increase as we move out of beta. And as we add additional features up to a targeted $47/mo. We will honor your existing price as long as payments stay current.  Brutus Premium is the best value for the average at-home options trader.

If you seek unlimited strategies, you will be excited when we release the Brutus Real Time plan, for $77/month.

The Real Time plan will offer unlimited amount of strategies. Also, the options rankings will perform in both real market time and based on end-of-day market exchange data. Similar to the Premium Plan, prices will increase over time to $97/mo with grandfathered pricing for existing customers.

You decide which type of individual plan you need for the type of options trading you desire.

Whether you start out with the Freemium plan, Premium or Brutus Real-Time Plan, there is a perfect plan for you. All plans will help you with consistent trade discovery.

Where Can I Get a Side-by-Side Comparison of All Plans on Offer?

You can get full details and compare features side-by-side on the pricing page.  A screenshot is also given below.

How Do The Pricing And Plans Work? &Ndash; Optionautomator
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