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Do You Offer Professional-Level Accounts or Only Plans for Retail Traders?
Last Updated: October 7, 2020


Do You Offer Professional-Level Accounts or Only Plans for Retail Traders?

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What About Professional Level Accounts?  Do You Have a Plan?

The tools that OptionAutomator offers focus on helping at-home (retail) level traders gain access to the technology available to Wall Street professionals and banks.

However, we also offer an institutional level plan that starts at $895 per month and up. This plan is meant for professionals looking to use The Brutus Options Ranker Multi-Criteria Decision Making technology.

Our platform is built on algorithms based on principles of Multi Criteria Decision Making mathematics. MCDM resolves and synthesizes conflicting criteria so that you get the best probable trade outcomes. Therefore, no matter how detailed and complex your professional-level evaluations, you can always find a desired trading outcomes and the factors you add to your investment criteria.

The Benefits of the Institutional Plan

  • A dedicated cloud server
  • A fixed number of available initial options strategies, based on your needs
  • An unlimited number of additional options strategies
  • Both real-time and end-of-day options rankings
  • Premium templates
  • Access to the maximum number of tickers within a market group
  • Access to all available dynamic market groups
  • Additional access to all current setups including:

Institutional plan accounts also receive priority customer support and core system updates as they become available to users.

This plan is perfect for professional traders looking for technology that provides a high-level experience. Simply add the Brutus Options Ranker to your tools for analyzing, ranking, and aiding in the selection process of those options trades that offer the highest potential for profitability.

We hope this knowledge base article was helpful for you to learn more about the institutional plans on offer.  

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